Nikki Bella & John Cena Fans Freak After She Posts Pic Of Them In Hot Tub: Are They Back Together?

When Nikki Bella revealed what she’s thankful for on Thanksgiving this year, she included a photo of herself and John Cena snuggling in a hot tub. Does this mean they’re back together?! Here’s the scoop.

Sorry Nikki Bella and John Cena shippers, but these two still are NOT back together. Fans were left a little confused about the status of this pair’s relationship after Nikki included John in a round-up of things she felt thankful for on Thanksgiving. The WWE star posted a gallery of images to Instagram on the holiday, and one was of her and John snuggling in a hot tub at sunset. However, it is an old photo, and was simply Nikki’s way of “reminiscing” on the past year, according to TMZ. Even though the two split over the summer, John obviously still played a huge role in Nikki’s 2018, and she wanted to commemorate that.

“To all the sunsets I have enjoyed, all the lessons I have learned, to the good and bad days, to my life coach and the people around me that give me strength and smiles to take on the unknown,” Nikki included in her caption, as a reference to everything that’s gone on between her and John this year. The two first fell into some trouble with their relationship at the beginning of the year, but when he finally agreed to have a child with her, their relationship was back on. However, less than a month before their May 5 wedding, they called things off again. Although they reconciled once more after that, the six-year romance was over for good by July.

Since then, Nikki and John have been living very separate lives, although they did cross paths at a WWE event in Australia back in October. During the trip, fans even spotted them spending time alone together at a local mall, but it turned out to be nothing more than a friendly reunion.

Meanwhile, we’ll get to see Nikki jump back into the dating pool when Total Bellas returns in 2019 — a teaser for the new season even showed her going on a date with The Bachelorette star, Peter Kraus! We’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out!

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