Noah Schnapp Still Goes To Summer Camp

Remember how we all learned that Noah Schnapp learned he got the role of Will Byers in Stranger Things while at camp?

Turns out, he still goes every summer!

While speaking to E! News (via) at the 2018 Emmy Awards last night, Noah revealed that he spent this past summer at the same camp he’s been going to since he was a young boy.

“Every summer, I’ve been going since I was 8 to a sleep away camp. I went for a little bit, and I was filming. It was fun,” he said.

We love this kind of tradition!

Other things that Noah did this summer? He went home to New Jersey!

“I had a good amount of the summer off,” he shared, adding that the people at home still treat him the same since his Stranger Things fame.

“Of course they do, it wouldn’t be home if they didn’t.”

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