‘Not really aware’ Adele admits her son ‘couldn’t care less’ about how famous she is

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Adele, 33, has revealed her son Angelo does not care about her international fame. The Grammy-winning singer explained how he measures her fame based on her YouTube subscribers.

She told Fleur East on Hits Radio: “He’s into like gamers, like he likes Flamingo and all them lot, like I mean yeah he ain’t bothered by me at all.”

She “continued: “He does not care at all.

“He is like you’re so busy all the time now, like blah-blah. But no he doesn’t care and he’s always comparing.

“The other day he was telling me how many YouTube followers I have is nowhere near as many as the big gamers.

“I was like, ‘okay cheers kid, thanks for that.’ Again no he’s not really aware of it yet.”

The Someone Like You singer concluded: “He’s coming to a couple of, sort of work things that I have coming up and we’ll see, but I’m sure he’ll just be like, ‘well I think Flamingo will have done it like this or like that.’

“Like, yeah but he’s great, he’s a lot of fun, he’s a very lovely, lovely little boy.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Adele revealed that the inspiration behind her latest album is her son “more than anything”.

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She explained: “The whole album is sort of dedicated to my son more than anything, but yeah it’s about my relationship with his dad and with him, but also you know the relationship I have with myself and stuff like that.”

She added: “It’s like you could be in you know, discussion or disagreement or a full-blown row if you want, not that me and his dad ever used to do that.

“If you’re the one that’s sort of initiating the discussion, it’d sort of be like, ‘well hang on a minute, go easy on me, you know, it’s not my fault.’

“So it’s just sort of really about that in the way that, you know, the decision that I made really, so yeah.”

On Thursday, Adele sent fans into a frenzy by releasing her new Song Easy On Me.

She debuted the new single, which is her first release in six years, on her Instagram and Twitter platforms.

It is also the first track to drop from her long-awaited new album, 30.

The song features the lyrics: “You can’t deny how much I tried.

“I changed who I was to put you both first, but now I give up. Go easy on me.”

Instagram user ericllanos16 celebrated: “Such an amazing song!!! After 6 years, welcome back!!!!”

Ivpz8 added: “This song is worth the wait.”

“SONG OF THE DECADE FOR SURE!!!” said fan account adeleuniversal.

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