Offset’s Car Accident: Rapper Reportedly Being Investigated For Leaving Scene Of Horrific Wreck

After crashing his car in the middle of the night on May 17, Offset is being investigated by police about the hazy details surrounding the accident, according to a new report. Here’s the latest.

Offset left the hospital with minor injuries after crashing his car in Atlanta on May 17, but he’s still dealing with the aftermath of the situation. The accident is under investigation by officials, who are trying to figure out exactly what happened at the scene, according to TMZ. Offset’s car was the only vehicle involved in the crash, and he did not call police after it happened. Rather, it was a person who happened to be passing by after the 2:30 a.m. incident that urged officials to come to the scene, TMZ reports.

Police are reportedly looking into whether or not Offset was with anyone when the accident occurred, as well as why he fled the area afterward. The whole situation gets a bit more suspicious, though — before the bright green vehicle was towed away, two people arrived to retrieve items from inside, sources tell TMZ. They were reportedly overheard mentioning that Offset allegedly swerved to avoid hitting a pedestrian before the crash. However, cops have not been able to confirm if Offset was even the one driving at the time of the wreck.

No witnesses to the accident have come forward, and there are no reports of any other injuries or damaged vehicles. Offset has not commented on what happened, but his fiancee, Cardi B, did take to Twitter to address the situation.

“Soo grateful and happy today,” she wrote. “God be giving messages in the weirdest ways. I love you @OffsetYRN.”

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