Olivia Rodrigo's Opening Up About How Fame Has Affected Her Mental Health

Olivia Rodrigo has literally catapulted to fame thanks to the enormous success of “Drivers License” and her debut album Sour, and she opened up to Vogue Singapore about how the increased spotlight has impacted her mental health.

“I’m taking it one step at a time. It can be really tough on your mental health, though,” she told the magazine. “I’m grateful for the people who like me for me, and keep me separated from all the noise and tabloids or what people are saying about me on social media. That’s always been a top priority.”


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“It’s funny how recognition changes everything and also changes nothing in your life,” she added. “The problems I was having a year ago are still the problems I’m having now, and things that brought me joy a year ago are still the things that bring me joy now. It’s just another aspect of life that you need to learn how to deal with, but it doesn’t change who you are as a person.”


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Olivia also said that the most surprising thing about fame has been finding out “who was genuinely supportive of me and who wasn’t. Sometimes when you have a lot of success really quickly, it can scare people and make people feel different. That was an interesting thing to learn. I’m figuring it all out.”

And by the way, Olivia’s channeling her feelings straight into her music, saying “From a young age, I realized that vulnerability equates to strength, and that’s so true in my songwriting. If I wasn’t so comfortable in my emotions, I wouldn’t have made Sour and it wouldn’t have had that same result.”

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