Open Post: Hosted By Balenciaga's $9,000 Seven-Layer Parka

If you thought seven layers belong only in the dip served at a Super Bowl party, you are correct. But I guess Balenciaga had a really good time munching down during the Half Time show this year because the fashion house is trying to smoke $9,000 out of the wallets of its customers with a seven-layer parka comprised of fleece, flannel, down, and probably even actual seven-layer dip ingredients. This shit looks stupid, so naturally, it’s almost sold out.

Teen Vogue says the “Layered Oversized Parka” first made its debut at Balenciaga’s Autumn/Winter 2018 show at Paris Fashion Week in March – but now it’s “in” season is just around the corner. Check out all the shit that comprises the parka big enough to cover the Michelin man:

“…black-and-white plaid flannel shirt, a white zip-up hoodie, a knee-length black-and-white plaid wool coat, a tan trench coat that’s just a tad shorter than the previous layer, a hip-length bright red fleece jacket, a lightweight tan ski coat, and, to cap it all off, an oversize navy parka.”

It’s available for pre-order at Barneys, and somehow they’re only down to one of these things because there are some people who would rather buy shit like this than do something more worthwhile with their cash like, well, anything. Also, didn’t Joey do this on an episode of Friends? Yep, he did:

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