Pacman Jones Guarantees Win At Rough N' Rowdy Boxing Match, 'Ready To F***ing Go'

Adam “Pacman” Jones is ready to whoop some serious ass in his boxing debut … telling TMZ Sports he expects to have his hand raised at Rough N’ Rowdy Friday night!!

The 37-year-old ex-NFL star has taken his talents to fighting after retiring from football in 2019 … and is set to face off against 5-0 (amateur record) boxer Bobby Laing at the Barstool Sports event in West Virginia.

Jones says he’s been training on and off for about 10 years now … and beating the brakes off someone in the ring has always been on his bucket list.

Pacman says he’s truly addicted to the sport … and has been training with world-class professionals over the past few months to prepare for his debut.

So, how’s he expect it to go??

“With my hand raised as the new motherf***ing RNR champ,” Jones tells us … adding one last warning to his opponent.

“Bobby Laing, your goddamn winning is over with. The honeymoon has officially ended today. I’m ready to f***ing go. Let’s go.”

We also spoke with Barstool’s Chef Donny — who’s set to face off against TikTok star QCP on the same card — and he tells us he’s ready to humble the influencer who’s got more than 8 MILLION followers on the platform.

Donny says he’s been doing 2-a-days every day for more than a month leading up to the big matchup … and has been in “war mode” to mentally prepare himself for battle.

“The kid’s got a pretty face, so I’ve really wanted to just destroy something beautiful,” he tells us. “It’s gonna be a pretty bad moment for him.”

“I guarantee you, it’s going to be an action-packed fight.”

The whole event kicks off at 5 PM from Charleston.

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