Paris Jackson Storms Out of Paris Fashion Show In A Rage — What Went Wrong?

What happened in France that was so bad that Paris Jackson had to bail on a Dior fashion show? Paris swiftly exited the show looking angry as the first model hit the runway!

Something irked Paris Jackson, 20, enough that she “stormed out” of a Dior fashion show in Paris on Friday, May 25! The Dior cruise collection show turned out to be quite a mess, according to multiple outlets. The show, held at a chateau, was doused in rain, leaving the audience, models, and catwalk totally soaked. Is that what caused Paris to make an early exit? Or was it, as a source told Page Six, that she was upset by the show’s antics? Dior recreated a Mexican rodeo with all-female riders doing daredevil stunts on dancing horses, which Paris may have understandably disapproved.

Paris’ exit was dramatic enough that several fashion reviews mentioned it. “By the end, the only cloud that remained over the event was the jarring exit of Paris Jackson, who had pranced in puddles barefoot for the photographers before the show, but stalked out in a rage as the first model made her way down the runway,” the New York Times wrote. Paris, huffed out barefoot, having earlier asked two assistants to help her out of her high-heeled sandals. Whether the issue was animal welfare, or simply an extreme aversion to rain, was not clear,” wrote our sister site WWD.

And, according to a Harper’s Bazaar reporter, “Not everyone was a fan of the horses though, as Paris Jackson was spotted leaving the show only minutes in, presumably out of concern for animal welfare.” Paris didn’t acknowledge why she left early, only posting a pic of herself basking in the rain with the caption, “left early n did this.” Well, it doesn’t seem like the rain was bothering her, then.

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