‘Partridge Family’ Star’s Ex Reveals Marriage Secrets In New Tell-All Book

The ex-wife of a former Patridge Family star reveals marriage secrets in a new tell-all book that will detail the “horrific” treatment they received at the hands of their spouse, per Radar Online.

Gretchen Bonaduce, who was married to Danny Bonaduce for 18 years, has penned a memoir titled Surviving Agent Orange where she details her life with the former teen heartthrob.

Radar reported that Gretchen Bonaduce realized at the beginning of her marriage to the star of the ABC series, who played Danny Partridge, that when her husband was both drinking and taking drugs he turned into a “mental case.”

The combination of Bonaduce’s drugs and alcohol use led his ex-wife to employ extreme circumstances to get him to stop using, including taking all of Danny’s spending money and only giving him enough to pay a valet for parking, according to the Radar report.

The book also claims that Gretchen revealed her ex-husband once started an argument, per the Radar report, “for the sole purpose of storming out of the house to get drugs.” To get him to stop, Gretchen Bonaduce allegedly laid down behind Danny’s car.

“Get out of my way, you crazy b***h!” Gretchen penned, revealing what Danny allegedly screamed at her as he backed the car toward her. “You’d better move you’re a** right now!”

Speaking of the incident, Gretchen revealed she didn’t move but stayed behind the car as Danny threatened her. Reportedly, he eventually gave up and parked the car. Gretchen stated in the book, per Radar, “I had figured out the line in the sand that Danny would not cross to get drugs: murder.”

Gretchen Bonaduce also spilled that Danny’s constant relapses lasted throughout their marriage. He also allegedly cheated on his wife. She claims that he moved his girlfriend into a home down the street from the couple.

She reportedly penned the book to help other women who find themselves trapped by their love for their spouse as they battle addiction. The couple appeared on the Dr. Phil show several times throughout their troubled marriage in an attempt to try and work things out. Dr. Phil once asked Gretchen why she was still plugged into her marriage. She said, “Because I love him. I made a commitment in front of God, and my family and my friends, through thick and through thin, and I meant that.”

A rep for the actor said to Radar of Gretchen’s version of their life together, “Danny says some of that rings true, but he’s eight years sober, married to the right person, and living his best life.” Danny married his third wife Amy Railsback in 2010.

Gretchen Bonaduce’s Surviving Agent Orange will be released on August 14.

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