Peak Florida: there will be recounts in FL governor, senate & congressional races

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I’m sorry, Florida. I’m sorry for all of the harsh things I said about you on Election Night and in the hours and days after the polls closed. It’s not your fault entirely, although I really wish that Floridians would decide en masse to actually fix all of your voting problems and Republican problems all at once. Some of you would argue that was what you trying to do. As it turns out, the governor’s race AND the Senate race in Florida were a lot tighter than we were led to believe on Election Night. And of course, there’s a mountain of election fraud, voter suppression and regular Florida shenanigans.

Election officials, campaign operatives and lawyers across Florida are gearing up for massive recounts in large part due to a familiar problem: Broward County, which has been saddled with election controversies ever since the disputed 2000 presidential race.

All eyes are on that problematic South Florida county – Florida’s second largest and one of its most Democratic – as it lags nearly every other in the state in reporting ballot tallies. The county’s results could help decide the races for U.S. Senate, governor and agriculture commissioner, which are headed for recounts.

On Wednesday alone, 22,000 new Broward votes were tallied, narrowing the margins further in Democrats’ favor in the races. And, thanks to Broward, the gubernatorial race on Thursday afternoon hit the threshold for a recount and Democrat Nikki Fried took the lead over Rep. Matt Caldwell in the agriculture commissioner race by a mere 583 votes.

With so much riding on the nation’s largest swing state – a U.S. Senate seat, a Florida Cabinet seat and perhaps a gubernatorial recount — Broward’s supervisor of elections, Brenda Snipes, won’t or can’t say how many ballots there are left to count.

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If you’re of a certain age and a certain political sensibility, the words “Florida Recount” are always going to taste like heartbreak, whiskey and tears. I’m still torn up about the 2000 election. But here’s hoping that we’ve learned more about the GOP’s asymmetrical warfare. Marco Rubio has been on Twitter, taking bold stands against democracy and already claiming that Democrats are trying to “steal” an election by, you know, counting every vote – go here to read some of his tweets. Andrew Gillum – the Democratic nominee for governor – is talking about how he’s ready for a fight, and he had the simple message:

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