Pete Davidson Caught Saying His “D**k Is Forever Hard” Since Being Engaged to Ariana Grande

Comedian Pete Davidson was caught on video talking about his fiancée Ariana Grande at an Auburn University event on Wednesday night. Pete was taking questions from the audience after performing a standup routine at the event, and when asked what it’s like to be engaged to Ariana, he said

It’s like what you would think it would be like but like a 100-times sicker. I’m a very, very happy boy who is very, very loved and I’m very lucky … And my d**k’s forever hard.”

Of course, Pete’s known for a brand of comedy that often talks about awkward topics like mental illness, death and sex in inappropriate but honest ways. In fact, the whole point of his appearance at Auburn was to perform his standup act and then talk about how he uses comedy to express thoughts about the mental health challenges that he has faced during his life.

Social media blew up over the comment. Still, Ariana – who had traveled to Auburn for Pete’s event and sat in the audience – posted her approval of his performance on Snapchat, captioning one of her shots together with Pete (in matching Auburn hoodies), “Bae was funny as f**k and brilliant today as always.”

But maybe the most incredible part of this story has nothing to do with how “happy” Pete is, but that Ariana somehow managed to squeeze in a trip to Auburn to watch her fiance do a little standup gig, right in the middle of her jammed Sweetener schedule this week.

So, maybe Pete’s right. He does sound like a very, very lucky guy.

We have the clip where Pete makes his comment and a snap from Ariana following the event, below.

(Correction: the clip was taken down – We’ll reupload it if we find it back on line again)

(Image source: Ariana Grande Instagram and Snapchat accounts)

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