Pete Davidson Mocks His Failed Engagement To Ariana Grande In Hilariously Awkward ‘SNL’ Promo

Well, at least he has a sense of humor! Pete Davidson basically reenacted how his engagement to ex-fiancé Ariana Grande began in a ‘Saturday Night Live’ clip. Are you ready to cringe?

Even Pete Davidson, 24, is laughing at his quickie engagement that ended in covered tattoos. In a promo clip that the comedian filmed, we were brought back to the scene where the magic began for him and his ex-fiancé, Ariana GrandeSaturday Night Live. It’s where Ari and Pete met in 2016, and afterwards, the 25-year-old pop star (“jokingly”) told her tour manager that she’s “marrying [Pete] 100 percent,” which she revealed in August to Jimmy Fallon. But the stars weren’t as aligned in today’s promo video, which was filmed for the Nov. 3 episode of SNL. A newly single Pete asked the show’s upcoming musical guest, Maggie Rogers, a question he’s all too familiar with. “Hey Maggie, I’m Pete,” he says, introducing himself. “You wanna get married?”

But the SNL star wasn’t so lucky this time. “No,” the “Alaska” singer replies immediately, shaking her head.  “0 for three,” Pete replies, bummed. No whirlwind romance this time! We’re just happy Pete’s still cracking jokes about his cancelled engagement, considering how fresh it is — news of the split just broke on Oct. 14! It looks like the stand-up comedian is getting through his breakup one joke at a time. He took a similar approach to bring up the sensitive subject at Judd & Pete For America, a comedy set he co-hosted with Judd Apatow on Oct. 20.

Instead of poking fun at his spontaneity (Pete proposed to Ariana after only a few weeks of dating in June), he pointed out other awkward facts. He was the hit maker’s roommate, and had multiple tattoos referencing her! “Does anybody have any open rooms? Looking for a roommate?” Pete asked the crowd. Yup, this dude isn’t subtle!  “I’ve been covering a bunch of tattoos, that’s fun,” he continued, not stopping his self-deprecation roll. “I’m f***ing 0 for 2 in the tattoo department. I’m afraid to get my mom tattooed on me, that’s how bad it is.”

While Pete’s doing damage control with one-liners, his ex-lover has been much more quiet about the split. As we’ve told you earlier today, Ariana just covered a Pete-related tattoo, and it was pretty artistic. Hey, everyone has their own way to get through a breakup! Watch the rest of the clip above to see even Jonah Hill get uncomfortable.

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