Pete Davidson Talks About His Career, His Life And His Penis

In his interview for Variety‘s “Power of Young Hollywood” issue, Pete Davidson covers many topics, including the origins of his career, his history of mental health issues, his current relationship with fiancee Ariana Grande, and, of course, his penis.

Pete discusses at length how his career was shaped by the mental health struggles that he had following his father’s tragic death on September 11th, and how comedy provided a way to process some of his demons. About his relationship with Ariana, Pete says, “She’s the f***ing coolest, hottest, nicest person I’ve ever met … I’m f***ing living the goddamn dream.”

But the Variety interview was also an opportunity for Pete to talk about his penis, the topic of “Big D**k Energy,” and an awkward remark made his mother. “I’m just really, really happy, and if that means I have big-d**k energy,” Pete tells Variety, “then sick … My favorite thing was my mom was like, ‘Peter, they’re saying you had a big penis just like your father.’ What the F***!”

The full interview can be found here. But we also have a portion of Pete’s interview with Variety in a video below.

(Image source: Youtube)

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