Peter Andre and doctor wife Emily say obesity is a massive problem for the NHS as they encourage people to exercise and move more

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Peter Andre and his wife Emily have had their say on the issue of obesity in the UK and how it is crippling the NHS.

The 47 year old singer applauded Prime Minister Boris Johnson for admitting he was “too fat” when he was hospitalised with coronavirus earlier this year and said that as a father, he tries to keep his family as active as possible.

Writing in his column in new magazine , Peter said: “Boris Johnson has unveiled plans to get the nation fit with his Better Health strategy. He’s done really well so far, losing more than a stone himself by exercising, and admitted he was “too fat” when he was hospitalised with coronavirus a few months back.

"Obesity is a massive problem and is crippling the NHS, so it’s great he’s leading by example.

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"We always talk about what people should or shouldn’t eat, but I believe putting a tax on “bad” foods is not necessarily going to change much. For example, the price of cigarettes keeps going up, but a lot of people refuse to quit.

"My policy has always been to keep myself and the family active, and I try to get people moving. When you’re active your body works better and you tend to make better food decisions too."

Peter’s wife Emily, who is an NHS doctor, agrees that obesity is a massive problem in this country and said we need to change our attitudes to food and obesity in order to tackle it.

Writing in her OK! magazine column, 30 year old Emily, who shares children Amelia and Theo with Peter, said: “The government has announced plans to tackle obesity, including banning buy one get one free deals on unhealthy food and junk food adverts before 9pm.

"This is great news because being obese not only raises your risk of dying from coronavirus, but it’s also dangerous in other ways, for example, being the second leading preventable cause of cancer behind smoking.

"It was good to hear Boris Johnson say he was “too fat” and that it may have contributed to his battle with coronavirus, as hopefully this will encourage others.

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"I have a lot of sympathy for people who struggle with their weight. It can be easy to say “eat less”, but it’s not that simple and many people have an addiction to food.

"We need to change our attitudes to food and obesity to tackle this crisis. Some would argue this includes starting with children, but like many parents, I sometimes find it hard to get the balance between keeping the kids healthy without being over the top.

"I allow them to have treats, alongside encouraging them to eat fruit and vegetables."

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