Philadelphia Teen Mom In Bikini Punched In The Head By Cops While Her Baby Screams Nearby

Truly terrifying. Video has surfaced of a teenage mother getting attack by police officers on a New Jersey beach. Take a look right here. Warning: Disturbing content.

One young mother’s Memorial Day Weekend took a sudden and horrifying turn on Sunday, May 27. Video has begun circulating of a bikini-clad teen getting punched twice in the face by Wildwood Police Officers as her 18-month-old baby girl screams in the background. “Stop resisting!” one of the officers demands in the clip. “I’m not resisting. I didn’t do anything wrong,” the teenage mother says. She has since been identified as Emily Weinman by the Daily Mail.

That’s when she body-slammed and held to the ground. “You’re not allowed to hit me like that,” she is heard repeatedly telling the officers. She is soon handcuffed and led away as fellow sunbathers watch in awe. Afterward, Emily took to Facebook to explain the situation in a since-deleted post. “‘I had alcohol, it’s Memorial Day weekend and 90 [percent] of people are underage drinking on the beach, without a doubt,” she wrote, via DM. She then explained that, after the attack, she was breathalyzed. “It came back negative. I told them I wasn’t drinking and the alcohol was clearly closed/sealed, which the cops seen.”

Emily says the incident began with the police closely watching her and her friends but it soon escalated. “I asked them don’t they have something better to do as cops than to stop people for underage drinking on the beach, saying to that there’s so much more serious stuff going on… the cop said, ‘I was gonna let you go but now I’ll write you up’ and he asked my name.” She added that she didn’t “do anything wrong and anything could’ve been written down on that paper so I wouldn’t give it to him.”

“He told me he’s arresting me and started coming towards me to put handcuffs on me. I cautiously was backing up from him (facing him) and yelled for my daughter’s father,” she continued. That’s when she says she “tripped and fell and the cop tackled me to the ground and smashed my head into the sand.” Absolutely shocking.

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