Phoebe Dynevor and Pete Davidson have split after 5 months

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Phoebe Dynevor and Pete Davidson have called it quits. After five months of bouncing between continents and breaking isolation rules, the latest chapter of “Pete Davidson is dating who?” comes to a close. Rumors about Pete and Phoebe hit the mainstream in April, although the romance began back in February. They let their friends run to the press about them for the first few weeks but by the end of the month, they were getting papped in her hometown, leading to speculation that they were getting serious. Although, to be fair, Pete gets pretty serious about everyone he dates. Come July, Pete and Phoebe were awash in PDA at Wimbledon, shutterbugs be damned. And now, just a month later, the fabled romance is finished, and they’re citing work as the cause of their romantic death.

THEY were fast becoming this year’s hottest celebrity couple – but the romance between Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor and US comedian Pete Davidson has gone ice cold.

Pals close to the couple, who started dating in February, have revealed the relationship has started to fizzle out after their busy work schedules started making it difficult for them to see each other.

A source said: “Pete and Phoebe’s romance was a real whirlwind and from the start they were both totally committed. But as time has passed, it’s become increasingly obvious it is going to be difficult to make this work.

“Phoebe has had back-to-back filming dates with Bridgerton in the UK. Meanwhile, Pete has been back in the US filming Saturday Night Live. Alongside that he has just started working on a new film, Meet Cute, with Kaley Cuoco.

“Phoebe and Pete were last together in the UK in July but since he flew back to the States, he’s not seen her. Obviously all the travel restrictions because of the pandemic have not helped.

“People can’t just jump on planes and jet around the world when they want to. It has made everything more difficult. It was pretty telling when Phoebe headed to Croatia with her mates this week rather than going to see Pete in America.

“It was wild while it lasted and they both really care for each other. But the distance has put a strain on them.

“Their mates think they make a great couple but the distance has made it completely unworkable. They had fun and will remain close but unless something drastic changes their relationship won’t recover.”

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Pete’s relationships always catch me off guard so I don’t usually form too many opinions about them. I don’t think they’re going to last but I accept them pretty easily. I liked the idea of him and Phoebe together. I don’t know if it was my preconceived notion of small English villages, but I felt like they’d have a quieter romance, and it would be a calmer vibe that Pete’s more bombastic liaisons in the past. I was turning a blind eye to the fact that somehow the paps kept getting fed their locations and we ended up with PDA heavy shots despite how private they claimed they were.

The long-distance excuse is bogus, though. These two gladly eschewed COVID restrictions during the height of the surge back in April and May to “jet around” to see each other, so I don’t buy it’s an issue now. It’s possible work got in the way. Phoebe is filming Bridgerton. I thought Pete was done with SNL, the fact that he’s shooting that was surprising. Maybe this thing burned fast and bright and then burned out, like most of these white-hot romances do. It’s a good thing Pete’s eliminating tattoos, though, and not inking his paramours on his person anymore. Otherwise, he’d have to turn Phoebe into a dandelion or something.

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