Piers Morgan: GMB host hits out at Home Secretary Priti Patel ‘Raging most virulently’

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Piers Morgan, 55, slammed the Home Secretary over a Daily Mail headline that reported she would be sending Royal Navy patrols into the English Channel after it alleged that a record number of migrants had reached Britain. The outspoken T.V. personality responded to the news by suggesting that Priti had not been “so tough” when it came to the migration of people from “corona- ravaged” countries during the virus’s peak.

So tough

Piers Morgan

Piers tweeted out to his 7.6 million followers: “If only our Home Secretary had been so tough on the 20 million people she let fly into the U.K. from corona-ravaged countries when the virus was raging most virulently.”

The GMB host’s statement quickly invoked several responses from fans, including some that claimed his figure was “slightly exaggerated”.

One wrote: “20 million…are you suggesting 1/3rd of the population have flown back to the U.K. since March?

Slight exaggeration don’t you think.”

While a third replied: “Completely agree with you Piers.”

It comes after Priti allegedly “backed” deploying the British Navy to assist the Border Force after it was reported 235 migrants recently crossed the Channel in one day.

In July more than 1,100 migrants arrived on U.K. shores.

Border Force cutter Seeker and patrol boats Speedwell and Hunter are reported to have intercepted 17 vessels last Thursday, one of which was carrying 26 people.

Piers has previously been cynical of the Conservative government during the lockdown and recently told the Home Secretary to “pipe down” after she suggested that people should avoid Black Lives Matter protests.

Priti spoke with Sky News on the possibly detrimental effects of people gathering in London to protest amid the global coronavirus pandemic. 

The 48-year-old urged the U.K. not to join the movement in order to prevent a second wave of the deadly virus.

The demonstrations began after the death of George Floyd in Minnesota back in May at the hands of local police officers.

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The filmed incident sparked a worldwide demonstration against law enforcement and racism.

People united in the streets to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and also called for statues of white slave owners to be removed from various sites.

However, The Home Secretary feared that the protests would not demonstrate social distancing and feared it could cause a second wave of COVID-19.

In a video posted by Sky News on their Twitter account, Priti was seen insisting that citizens not join in with the protests.

She urged: “To those who want to protest, please don’t.”

However Piers did not agree with this sentiment, as he fired back on social media: “You supported Cummings when he broke the rules & risked public health.

‘So why should the protestors listen to a word you say? 

“Pipe down,” he added.

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