Piers Morgan left mortified after failing to slip up Love Island’s Hayley

Our social life this summer predominantly consists of nipping to the corner shop in our jammies for a restock of Love Island snacks.

Other than that, you can catch us on the sofa every. single. night.

Real life footage of us at 9pm running to the TV:

However, one ‘fella who will probably be avoiding all things Love Island is Piers Morgan – who has made no secret of his disdain for the Islanders.

In fact, the one time he did stumble across Britain’s best loved reality show, he was very quick to make it clear he was *not* impressed.

Taking to Twitter to share his review, Piers simply wrote: ‘Accidentally stumbled across Love Island… my God, these cretins are even more stupid than I feared’.

We don’t know about you, but something tells us he’s not a fan?!

Sadly for Piers, however, it would seem that the Islander gang appear to have got the last laugh with this one- after the Good Morning Britain host managed to put his foot in it with the newly dumped Hayley Hughes!

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During her appearance on today’s show, Hayley – who is now infamous for dropping some almighty clangers such as ‘is Liverpool a country’ and ‘what are earlobes’ – found herself in the middle of a general knowledge pop quiz, courtesy of Piers.

However, the presenter ended up being played at his own game – as he then proceeded to make an almighty mistake.

After asking the Love Island lady if she knew ‘Pythagoras’ theorem to the nearest five decimal places, co-host Susanna Reid had interrupted to ask if he even knew the answer himself.

Piers replied: ‘I do actually, it’s 3.147. They’re certainly the first four digits’, before realising he’d made a fatal error – having actually recounted the decimals of Pi.

Que a studio outburst and a rather embarassed Piers Morgan.

Taking to social media to comment on the affair, a red faced Piers had reshared the video with the caption: ‘I’ve mugged myself off’.

Viewers were quick to comment on Piers’ mishap. One user writes, ‘Piers Morgan getting pythagoras’ theorem and Pi mixed up whilst trying to prove the people on love island are ‘the dimmest people in Britain’ is quite possibly one of my highlights of British television ‘.

Another writes, ‘What a plonker’.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game Mr Morgan.


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