Piers Morgan’s son Spencer claims he’d be ‘nothing without famous dad’

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Piers Morgan’s son Spencer, who is a sports journalist, enjoys a lavish lifestyle filled with private jets and luxury island holidays, thanks to his multimillionaire dad. The eldest son of the broadcaster, who will turn 30 this summer, candidly commented that he would be “nothing” were it not for the support of his father, in a post that exploded on Twitter with more than half a million views.

Referring to Arsenal ace Thomas Partey’s absence from football following an injury, Spencer lamented online: “Arsenal without Partey is like me without famous dad. Nothing.”

Some fans raced to the post to reassure him that they believed Partey would still make it onto the pitch in time for his next match.

Meanwhile, others had cattier comments, including one from @Brianchav, who quipped: “A bit like your dad without Meghan Markle!”

Piers has been accused of “obsessing” over her and constantly commenting on her to his nine million followers, which some insist is part of the reason for his ongoing fame.

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The broadcaster resigned from his job on Good Morning Britain last year rather than apologise for not believing some of her account of life in the royal family.

@k30gh was in hysterics over Spencer’s admission, quipping: “At least you’re honest!”

@fee04320538 then countered: “Totally disagree. I love your sense of humour.”

@altaf_essa added: “Bro, your self awareness makes you likeable. You are like the opposite of Prince Harry!”

However, @josak19 quipped: “You don’t have a famous dad, the word you’re looking for amongst others [is] infamous!”

@ElCapoChief delivered a caustic swipe too, claiming: “You aren’t much WITH a famous dad either… don’t get ahead of yourself.”

Spencer certainly seems to have led a comfortable life, starting out his education at the same prep school that William and Kate’s son Prince George attended.

The fees at Thomas’s Battersea are out of the reach of most, at more than £17,000 per year, with even the prestigious uniform costing several hundred pounds extra on top of that.

As an adult, Spencer addressed his royal connections by posting a photo of himself as a child alongside one of George and quipping: “That face you make when the future king thinks he’s got more swagger than you!”

He has featured on the Rich Kids of Instagram page with photos that depict him enjoying a glass of champagne on a private jet, so many think he already has a regal quality to his lifestyle.

He is known to enjoy lavish Caribbean holidays seemingly thanks to his father’s fortune, and he is said to have a close friendship with Cristiano Ronaldo, who also gets along well with his father.

However, on occasion Spencer’s tweets have caused controversy after he was accused of being blissfully unaware of his “privilege”.

After the world went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Piers’ son said he didn’t understand some workers’ concerns over their wages being slashed.

“How can anyone complain about a 20 per cent salary reduction right now?” he quizzed via Twitter.

“Surely you are saving more than that from doing nothing anyway.”

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