P!nk Cleans Her Hollywood Star for Jimmy Kimmel Skit

P!nk ain’t afraid to get down and dirty … not when it comes to cleaning her own Hollywood star, and especially when it’s for Jimmy Kimmel‘s cameras.

The pop singer was going to town on her star Tuesday around 7:30 PM in the middle of Hollywood … as cameras from paps and bystanders rolled. What ya didn’t know is some of those cameras were rolling for Kimmel’s show. P!nk was filming at Kimmel’s studio yesterday, and it appears they took the skits to the streets.

Check out the vid … you can see P!nk — who got her star back in February — down on her knees wiping away with some disinfecting wipes. She also had a roll of paper towels and a scrub.

Some might call it dirty business, but in Hollywood … it’s just show business, baby.

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