Police Searching For Texas Woman Who Vanished After Knocking On Doors In Dead Of Night While Appearing To Be S

This is one of the most chilling things we’ve ever seen.

Over the weekend in Texas, a woman was captured on surveillance camera knocking on multiple doors in a residential neighborhood in the middle of the night.

The scariest part is that in the video (screenshots below), the woman is wearing what might be some kind of wrist restraints or shackles, as if she’s just broken free from captivity.

According to police in Montgomery County (a suburban county directly north of Houston), the unidentified woman rang multiple doorbells at around 3:00 a.m. local time — no one opened the door for her — before vanishing altogether.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office shared the accompanying details and pictures of the woman in question (below):

So, so scary — bone-chilling.

The full video itself is very, very quick (below), but you can see in it the woman definitely looks barefoot, half-clothed, and scared:

And whatever is on her wrists… ugh.

Just SUPER unsettling.

No point in speculating here, but if you have any pertinent information, contact the police.

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