Pop paedophile Gary Glitter’s secret son pictured for first time

Strolling along in fashionable clothes and carrying a skateboard, this Cuban teen sticks out on Havana’s poverty-stricken streets.

Pictured for the first time, this is unemployed Gary Pantoja Sosa – the 18-year-old lovechild of depraved glam rock paedophile Gary Glitter.

And despite his namesake father serving 16 years for a sickening catalogue of crimes, he still grants him the benefit of being a pop star’s child by bankrolling his lifestyle.

Glitter – real name Paul Francis Gadd – was a frequent visitor to the Caribbean island, then a notorious sex tourism destination, in the 1990s.

Gary, the result of a relationship with former farm girl Yudania Sosa Martinez, was born in February 2001.

He has never met his disgraced dad, who was forced to flee Cuba before his birth when Fidel Castro’s regime began a crackdown on sex tourists.

But the monster kept in touch and even behind bars has made sure Gary and his mum are taken care of.

Asked about Glitter’s involvement in his life, Gary said: “I’m in communication with my father but it’s a difficult subject for me and I’m not allowed to talk about it.

“Everything is going well with my life but I’m not working or studying at the moment.”

Glitter, 74, whose hits include I’m the Leader of the Gang and Do You Wanna Touch Me?, gave Yudania £20,000 – a fortune in communist Cuba – in 1998 to buy the flat she still lives in with Gary and a younger daughter from another relationship.

And neighbours say the shamed star, understood to still rake in royalties from his music, has continued to send cash.

Glitter’s songs are understood to be blacklisted on all UK radio stations but it was reported in 2015 that US stations still play them – which could have been banking him up to £250,000 a year.

And in 2013, it was reported he stood to earn £1million in royalties from Oasis track Hello, which uses a sample of his lyrics.

The same year, it was said he pocketed £300,000 after his music featured in a trailer for Oscar-nominated Silver Linings Playbook. He is also believed to own a London flat he rents out.

Approached for a chat, Yudania, 46, said she would “consult with London” first. The next day, she demanded $80,000 (£62,000) for an interview – which we refused to pay.

Despite him being convicted of child sex offences in jurisdictions across the world, Yudania still maintains Glitter is innocent.

“Everything they write about him is lies, that’s why he is where he is,” she said angrily when asked about him.

“Many people have come here asking me these questions but they always tell lies so I won’t speak.”

Glitter – who already had son Paul and daughter Sarah from his failed marriage to Ann Murton – met former farm girl Yudania when she was 21 and living in Sagua La Grande, in the Cuban countryside.

The small city was notorious for bars where children could be bought for as little as £60 a night for sex.

He returned to Cuba after he was charged with downloading child porn here in 1997 and rekindled things with Yudania, moving in with her in Havana.

It was said at the time that she even travelled to the UK to be with him when he returned to answer bail.

Upon his release after his first conviction in 1999 – when he got four months for downloading 4,000 items of child abuse, including images of kids believed to be as young as two – Glitter spent the next decade trying to keep a low profile, moving from one sex exploitation hotspot to the next.

It was during his final stay in Cuba in 2000 that he fathered Gary – before having to flee. Since Gary turned 18 last month, Yudania is planning to start a new life abroad.

She is trying to sell her second-floor flat, a large “for sale” sign written in felt tip hanging outside, and is even said to be considering a move to the UK to be closer to Glitter.

Her second-floor apartment in a converted villa is a stone’s throw away from Havana’s seafront boulevard, the Malecon, and the US embassy. Sitting next to a derelict building in the capital’s Vedado area, the well-kept property stands out in crumbling streets.

Although it is in a relatively privileged location, many locals clearly struggle to get by – and Yudiana and Gary’s quality of life is a sharp contrast.

Gary is an amateur tattoo artist who has a number of inkings himself, including a large Spider-Man design on his left calf.

He often spends his days playing squash with friends at an ­abandoned sports centre near his home.

Other times, he takes his skateboard to a local park and spends hours doing tricks.

He was spotted wearing Adidas trainers and a cap from American skater brand Supreme.

Yudania, also jobless, spends her days watching the world go by from her balcony.

But when she goes out to gossip with neighbours or visit relatives, she wears gold jewellery.

Close family friend Felipe Peraza Cabrera, 55, said: “Glitter still helps the family out from England. Yudania and Gary do not work but they still get money from Glitter.

“Glitter bought Yudania a really expensive fridge a while back, maybe five years ago.

“The young Gary does tattoos, people go to the apartment to get tattooed and he makes a bit of money with that. Yudania has still got Glitter stuck in her heart.

"She is currently trying to sell the flat he bought her and move away from Cuba. She would like to move to Britain to be nearer to Gary Glitter but that really depends on him.”

Glitter, jailed in 2015, is serving his time at HMP The Verne, a Category C jail exclusively for sex offenders on the Isle of Portland in Dorset.

His surroundings are said to be “cushy” with lags allowed to walk around their wing freely, 24 hours a day.

From Leader of the Gang to a fiend jeered by lags at jail gig

By Matthew Young

Gary Glitter’s outlandish glam rock style made him one of the world’s most recognisable pop icons.

He notched 11 consecutive top 10 singles from 1972 to 1975 and was said to own 30 stage suits and 50 pairs of platform shoes.

The singer – born Paul Francis Gadd in Banbury, Oxfordshire, in 1944 – enjoyed a massive fan base and sold 18 million records in his heyday.

But as the glam era fizzled out, he found himself divorced, bankrupt and struggling with alcohol addiction.

He enjoyed occasional comebacks in the 1980s and 1990s, cleaning himself up and touring as a student novelty act.

But it all came crashing down in 1997, when an engineer servicing his laptop found thousands of child abuse images saved on its hard drive.

Glitter served two months in jail after a 1999 conviction and his back catalogue was purged from playlists, his record deal cancelled and his live performances edited out of TV show repeats.

The disgraced star fled abroad upon his release. In 2002, he was thrown out of Cambodia for suspected child abuse after living in the country for three years and later jailed for three years in Vietnam for abusing two girls, aged 10 and 11.

Twisted Glitter later became the first person arrested – and the fifth suspect charged – under Operation Yewtree, the Met Police probe in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

The pervert was sentenced to 16 years in 2015 for sexually abusing three girls between 1975 and 1980.

He tried to perform again at HMP The Verne in Dorset, where he is serving his time – but was said to have left the stage in tears when disgusted lags jeered him.

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