Porsha Williams Shakes Her Booty In Heels While Showing Off Huge Baby Bump — Watch

Porsha Williams popped & locked it in a new, sexy Instagram video! Showing off her baby bump, the mom-to-be shook her booty in heels!

Porsha Williams proved that — baby or no baby bump — nothing is ever going to stop her from shaking her grove thing! Taking to Instagram, Porsha flaunted her incredible pregnancy body and huge baby bump in a gorgeous tight dress. In addition to her pregnancy glow, Porsha stunned her fans with her moves. That’s right, even while pregnant, Porsha managed to shake her booty. Oh, and did we mention she was wearing heels as well? Because she was totally wearing heels as well! Check out the epic video below!

We previously reported how Porsha defended her fiance Dennis McKinley amid rumors that he was engaged in multiple relationships before settling down with her.  “You know, allegations are allegations. That’s what gossip is,” she told E! News’ Daily Pop during an interview on Nov. 19. “People sit around what they think they know, or whatever about the past, everybody has a past. He’s not gonna sit up and deny everything word for word. Nobody has the time. He’s a business man, he’s out making money somewhere.”

Meanwhile, her RHOA co-star NeNe Leakes revealed in a recent interview with HollywoodLife that although she felt Porsha was moving too quickly with Dennis at first, she ended up approving of him. “I double dated with Porsha, my husband and I in Florida, and I really like him,” she revealed. NeNe also opened up about how she reacted to Porsha’s engagement. “You’ll see this season,” she added. “We ask her a lot of questions. We dig deep! We want to make sure she’s not moving too quickly. But I have to say, he’s really a cool guy. On the surface, he appears to be a very nice guy, a fun guy and he buys Porsha lots of gifts and she wants someone who buys her lots of gifts!”

We’ll keep you posted on all of the latest news about Porsha. In the meantime, check out latest pics in our gallery above.

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