‘Pretty Little Mamas’ mysteriously disappears from MTV, fans fear cancellation after 2 episodes

MTV’s “Pretty Little Mamas” mysteriously disappeared without any explanation, claim fans of the new reality TV series.


Viewers of MTV’s new reality TV series “Pretty Little Mamas” were left scratching their heads on Thursday night after they attempted to watch the show’s third episode, only to find reruns of “Jersey Shore” and “Floribama Shore.”

The show’s sudden disappearance has sparked rumors of a potential cancellation.

[email protected] put out the best show I’ve seen in a decade and then immediately canceled it,” tweeted one viewer. “UGH. Save #PrettyLittleMamas!!”

“I don’t see #prettylittlemamas on the MTV schedule tonight,” chimed another. “What’s going on?”

People Magazine reported that the “Pretty Little Mamas” page on MTV’s website, including all episodes and video clips, were temporarily deleted. However, the page has since been restored with the first two episodes.

The publication added that the show’s social media accounts also went silent after Thursday, with their last Instagram and Twitter update posted on September 5. However, the show’s cast members continued to use their social media accounts, with mentions of “Pretty Little Mamas” in all of their bios.

Reps for MTV did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

A source associated to the series told Fox News the premiere date was originally bumped and now its airing is to be determined.

“Pretty Little Mamas” follows a group of best friends in San Diego as they “juggle the demands of their luxurious lives all while raising their children.”

While the cast highlights five young mothers, ages 25 and under, they insisted to People Magazine that they’re not intimidated by “mommy-shamers” on the internet.

“Of course there’s going to be things said about any way a parent raises their child, no matter what age they are, so I think you just have to take it in stride,” said Nicole Pleshow, mom to 5-year-old Noelle. “All that matters with me is my relationship with my child. I know that all of us are great moms.”

“People who watch our series and get to go on this journey with us will start to understand and notice that it really is not glamorous,” added 24-year-old mom Nikki. “We are normal moms that are struggling to balance it all.”

Chandlar, 25, insisted “Pretty Little Mamas” isn’t attempting to promote young pregnancy among teenage audiences.

“I don’t want to be promoting it,” she stressed. “But if it happens I would like to be a good example for young moms and a good support because I know how hard the struggle can be.”

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