Pretty Wild’s Alexis Haines Reveals She's In An Open Marriage – And Dating RHOC Alum Braunwyn Windham-Burke's Ex!

It IS a small world after all!

You may recall the Real Housewives of Orange County alum Braunwyn Windham-Burke came out last year and began dating a new woman, Kris, while still married to her husband Sean Burke. (The couple announced they would be temporarily separating in July.) The ladies broke things off in April — and apparently, Kris began chatting with Alexis Haines of Pretty Wild fame shortly after!

Innerestingly, the real-life Bling Ring member is in a VERY similar situation to Braunwyn: she’s married to a man (Evan Haines) but says she is otherwise exclusively attracted to women. Not only that, the couple also have an open relationship, which is where Kris comes in.

On her Instagram Story, the 30-year-old explained:

“Married to Evan. Staying married to Evan. … Happily married to Evan. Have — well, we don’t like labels. Have a girl that I’m seeing who is also open. It works like that. I like her a lot. We’ve been having fun. We’ve been talking since May, but it didn’t work out in May. Didn’t work out in June. Didn’t work out in July. Started working out in September. But yeah, I like her a lot. She’s awesome. Obviously I’m quite infatuated with her right now.”

The Recovering from Reality podcast host added that an “episode with Evan about our open marriage” would be posted next month.

However, she elaborated further in an IG Q&A, sharing:

“Yes, we are very happily married and will stay married. we are soul partners above all else and love each other on the deepest level. we’re committed to our relationship and our family.”

The television personality then switched to dishing more about her new relationship, writing:

“Her name is Kris, and it’s very new. So far so good though, as she is wanting to stay open (meaning seeing other people) *cue everyone asking how i don’t get jealous* we have an emotional connection that is strong. I’m not worried about her other relationships.”

The momma of two also went into detail about how she and her baby daddy navigate an open relationship, how they address feelings of jealousy in a healthy way, how they keep each other as a priority, and even the importance of testing and safe sex with multiple partners. While she mused about having a “second life partner” and even having some sort of “ceremony” to commemorate it, she added:

“Evan has no desire to be in an intimate relationship with another woman like I am with women, but he goes on dates and stuff.”

Wow! Seems like these two have approached their open relationship with as much care and consideration as possible, but it definitely seems like a lot to juggle emotionally.

And as we know, this exact thing apparently did not ultimately work out for Braunwyn and her estranged hubby.

But luckily, Alexis has her own husband’s full support — and not only that, this new couple has Braunwyn’s full support as well! The Bravo star, who is reportedly now dating fellow Housewives alum Fernanda Rocha, told Page Six:

“Alexis and Kris are both amazing women. I have a lot of respect for Alexis and her work in the recovery and LGBTQ+ community — we have even worked together! Her version of a modern family is beautiful and Kris is a wonderful addition.”

For a situation that is seemingly as complicated and tangled as this one, everybody appears to be pretty kumbaya about it all! But hey, if everyone involved is happy, healthy, and honest with each other, there’s certainly nothing wrong with it.

But what do U think, Perezcious readers? Is this open relationship business TOO complicated? Or are these “modern family” situations the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

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