Prince Estate Releasing Weekly Videos

The Prince Estate and Sony’s Legacy Recordings have announced plans to release multiple rare music videos by the artist dating from 1995-2010.

The studio plans to drop the videos on a weekly basis, with the first batch released on Friday, November 2 that included clips from 1995’s The Gold Experience and 1996’s Chaos and Disorder. The release includes rare videos for mid-1990s tracks “Endorphinmachine,” “Dolphin,” and “Rock And Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis).”

The video for “Endorphinmachine,” which appeared on The Gold Experience, was originally released long before the album, via the CDRom video game Interactive which came out on Prince’s birthday on June 7, 1994. The video had only been available as a hidden prize for those who successfully navigated the game.

“Dolphin” also premiered well before the album’s release as the first video ever played on VH1 Europe in September of 1994. Meanwhile “Rock And Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis),” a B-side from The Gold Experience, was only shown as part of the VH1 broadcast special “Love 4 One Another” aired in January of 1997.

“For Prince, 1995-2010 was an unprecedented period of sustained and prolific creativity,” reads a statement announcing the video drop. “Releasing fresh recordings at a rapid-fire pace through a variety of distribution strategies including his own online NPG Music Club, Prince was making some of the most provocative, experimental and soulful music of his career. Freed from major label demands and expectations, Prince was able to write, record and release his own music on his own terms.”

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