Prince Harry could be shaving his beard for the Royal Wedding

Prince Harry has sported his luscious ginger whiskers ever since he met bride-to-be Meghan Markle on a blind date in 2016.

This royal wedding is not so much about the heir, but the hair on his face. It’s become a signature style for the Prince and now a moustache-have look for many royal fans.

But there are rumours Harry is going to shave off his beard ahead of his hotly-anticipated nuptials on Saturday.

Historian Hugo Vickers has even claimed that according to strict military rules, he must be cleanshaven if he chooses to wear his army uniform on the big day – as he is expected to do.

Grooms who marry in uniform should be clean-shaven, argues Vickers, who adds: "He goes bearded sometimes, but they don’t like it. That’s why when he took the parade at Sandhurst, he wore a suit."

So will Harry have a shave on Saturday, or has the Prince grown attached to his beard?

We teamed up with BIC SHAVE CLUB to ask the great British public if they think he should have a shave, or has his facial hair grown on them too?

So we took bearded Prince Harry lookalike Michael Brodrick, 28, on to the streets of London to find out…

Student Abby Shirey , 21, says Harry should keep his facial hair.

"He really suits his beard – I don’t think it’s scruffy," she says.

"He might want to have a little trim, but don’t take too much off."

Finance worker Pete Gowing , 37, says Harry should have a shave.

"Get rid of it!" he says. "It’s his big day – the least he could do is have a shave."

Retired Marian Evans , 80, says Harry should keep his facial hair, but have a trim.

"He wouldn’t be Harry without the beard," she says. "It’s part of his identity. He should keep the beard but maybe just have a tidy up so he looks a bit smarter for the ceremony."

Insurance worker Susan McDougall , 43, says Harry should have a shave.

"I like his beard and it is part of Prince Harry – but I think he should smarten up a bit for such an important day. Imagine all the photos taken of him that he will have to show the grandkids."

Pricing analyst Ify Uwadia , 34, says Harry should keep the beard.

"Harry’s beard is his trademark and it really suits him," she says. "He definitely shouldn’t chop it off for the wedding!"

Barber Alike Karimaghaei , 35, says Harry should have a shave – but not a close one.

"I would give him a good trim," he says."He does look good with the facial hair and he’s lucky enough to have a lot of it, unlike some men. But it does need some grooming – especially before the wedding."

We took Michael to The Royal Barber in Enfield, north London, for a tidy up rather than a clean shave.

Most people agree Harry’s beard is now part of who he is, and it adds to his cheeky-chappie image.

But a little smartening up wouldn’t go amiss before the ceremony.

After all, Meghan won’t have a hair out of place herself.

Should Harry shave his beard for the wedding?


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