Prince William gave Kate a special Valentine’s Day gift: the gift of ROSES

Now would be a bad time for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s marriage to disintegrate before our eyes. It’s not going to happen… right now. For now, Prince William enjoys his “family man” image, with his keen barnacle wife doing the most to convince everyone that they have the perfect marriage. Kate spent a good chunk of her 40th birthday extravaganza trying to convince the whole world that William tolerates her and occasionally enjoys spending time with her. It was depressing, but it also shows that Kate’s focus really is keeping the good ship HMS Keen afloat. So, while I’m sure William spent Valentine’s Day buried in whatever rose bush was handy, *someone* wants to convince us that William “spoiled” Kate for the holiday.

Royal romance! Prince William and Duchess Kate are busy parents, but they still found time to celebrate Valentine’s Day, an insider exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“William surprised Kate with a huge box of 50 roses on Valentine’s Day,” the source says of the Duke of Cambridge, 39, and his wife, 40. “He handwrote the most romantic message in his card, praising her for being such a wonderful wife and mother.”

The couple’s three children — Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3 — also helped make the day special, giving their parents “handmade Valentine’s cards” that they crafted at school.

Now that the pair have been married for more than a decade, they’re less interested in “extravagant” Valentine’s celebrations, the insider tells Us.

“William and Kate are homebodies, so their date nights tend to be chill,” the source adds. “They’ll watch Netflix and documentaries when the children are in bed, order takeout, play Scrabble and enjoy a few glasses of wine. For them, it’s the simple things in life that count.”

Though the former RAF pilot isn’t likely to make a reservation at a buzzy restaurant, the insider notes that it’s not because he isn’t romantic.

[From Us Weekly]

What I find striking about William is just how little imagination he has. He’s not a “hunter,” he doesn’t “woo” or “court” women. He expects to just show up and dad-dance and somehow women will throw themselves at him. I imagine that’s how he operates with his infidelities too: anything close to home, within his social group, no real romance or courtship to it, just an expectation of availability. There’s something so perfunctory about his romantic/sexual life. Anyway, I hope Kate enjoyed the ROSES. *cough*

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