Princess Charlotte Puts Journalists In Their Places With Stern Warning At Little Brother's Big Event

Little Princess Charlotte showed off her serious side when she warned the media to keep their distance at Prince Louis’ christening

The British Royals have attended numerous events in recent weeks, and Prince Louis’ christening was a big that took place just a couple of days ago. There has been plenty of buzz regarding what everybody wore and how amazing they all looked, but now many people are getting a good laugh over a previously overlooked moment. Princess Charlotte may have looked adorable and shared one of her signature waves at the christening, but it turns out she also told some of the media present that they needed to watch their step a bit.

Videos from Prince Louis’ christening have been shared by news outlets that show the royal family arriving and departing from the chapel. As the Inquisitr shared, Princess Charlotte hesitantly shook hands with the Archbishop of Canterbury as instructed by her father, Prince William, and she held her dad’s hand firmly throughout the family’s arrival and departure. As CBS News notes, she also took it upon herself to tell the journalists present that they weren’t joining the family and it seems that William got a bit of a chuckle out of this.

As Kate Middleton carried Prince Louis out of the chapel, Prince William held onto the hands of both Prince George and Princess Charlotte. As the family walked, 3-year-old Charlotte looked quite serious and could be heard saying “You’re not coming” to someone, presumably a journalist, as she walked by. As the Inquisitr noted, it seems that the family was headed to a post-christening tea and this is what the young girl was telling the media they weren’t going to be attending.

The Royal tot didn’t just let it go at that though. Princess Charlotte held her stern glare as she continued to walk, only turning back forward when her family walked through the door. As the princess made her comment about the others not coming, Prince William looked down at her and out to the bystanders or journalists, and he seemingly tried to hide a bit of a smile.

Prince William and Kate Middleton almost always look regal and serious, as they know it is what is expected of them. However, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge certainly do smile, laugh, and share lighter moments with fans too, especially when they are at charity engagements where they get to interact with kids.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive for the christening of Prince Louis at the Chapel Royal ????PA

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While Prince George and Princess Charlotte are definitely learning the art of being proper Royals, they are still little kids and have their fair share of little kid moments. Both Charlotte and George have been spotted being silly or rambunctious at times, sticking their tongue out in fun, running at the park, or playing soccer, for example.

Princess Charlotte noting that others weren’t coming may have been a serious moment coming from the young girl, but it seems to have struck a charming chord with those who have noticed it. It has been said that she adores her new little brother and loves being a big sister, and from the sounds of the short clip from Prince Louis’ christening, she’s pretty protective of him as well.

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