Princess Charlotte Saluted The Royal Air Force And It’s Too Cute For Words

Princess Charlotte was seen saluting the RAF in an adorable photo during the flypast.

As thousands watched a flypast of the Royal Air Force outside Buckingham Palace, Princess Charlotte and her brother Prince George watched from inside the palace. The three-year-old princess was seen giving a salute during the flypast, an incredibly adorable moment which was caught by photographers below. Princess Charlotte also seemed giddy, as others caught her sticking her tongue out while her brother was all smiles. Charlotte wore a sweet blue dress with white collars, while George sported a classic navy blue polo shirt, detailed E! News.

Little did the youngsters realize, that their antics were catching the eye of photographers below. The two were photographed with their nanny, Maria Turrion Borrallo, and Kate’s secretary Catherine Quinn, reported People.

The amazing flypast had 100 aircraft to commemorate the RAF’s past 100 years of achievements. A highlight was when three F-35 Lightning stealth fighters and 22 Typhoons spelled out a huge “100” in the air, according to the BBC. Another amazing moment was when the planes streamed red, white, and blue smoke.

Squadron leader Mike Child said that “It has been difficult because it is the biggest formation we have ever done as a Typhoon force.” The pilots practiced over the North Sea, but the actual flying over land was harder than when they practiced over the water.

RAF was created April 1, 1918, when the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service came together to join forces. The Queen said that “Tenacity, skill and gallantry have been your hallmarks as you helped safeguard freedom and security in many parts of the world….I remember the Battle of Britain being fought over the skies above us and we shall never forget the courage and sacrifice of that time,” according to the Telegraph.

Princess Charlotte is known for her strong personality, even at such a young age. The other day after Prince Louis’ christening, Charlotte boldly told the paparazzi that “You’re not coming,” referring to the private tea for royals that she was heading to, said Insider. Charlotte has also become known for being outgoing and waving at the paparazzi.

Earlier during the christening when she first arrived, Charlotte was also seen giving some great handshakes to a bishop and Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Perhaps due to the formal and serious nature of most royal events, the princess’ antics offer a window into the family’s “normal” side of life. Her royal waving is especially adorable, which was exhibited quite freely after her baby brother Louis was born. She was also seen waving sweetly at Prince Charles when they left Kensington Palace, said Vanity Fair.

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