Princess Diana Wasn’t In On The Royal Gag For Her First Christmas

Meghan Markle already has this tradition down pat as she got practice last year with an odd gift of her own.

When Princess Diana celebrated her first Christmas as a royal family member, she was not informed of the Queen’s gift-giving protocol. While Diana made sure everyone in the family got a gift, she had no way of knowing she went overboard when buying those presents. Princess Diana wasn’t aware of the Queen’s tradition that entailed purchasing gifts that didn’t cost much more than the spare change out of the average person’s pocket.

Queen Elizabeth’s idea for gifts among the royals is the polar opposite of what you’d expect. These folks have money at their disposal, so extravagant gift-giving isn’t a problem. Although Diana gave lavish gifts to her in-laws for her first Christmas as a princess, the gifts didn’t meet with the Queen’s gift-giving tradition.

Christmas shopping among the royal set doesn’t entail much more than a trip to a five and dime store. For instance, Prince Harry proudly presented a shower cap to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, a few years ago. The word’s on the cap said: “Ain’t life a b***ch!” What’s even more amazing was that the Queen loved it. This is the type of gift the royal family members exchange for their Christmas holiday.

According to Brian Hoey, a royal biographer, Prince Charles got a white leather-covered toilet seat one year from Princess Anne. He loved this special “throne” so much that when he traveled it went along with him, reports the Insider.

It looks like the royal family gives each other items that cover the realm of silly, although they can be somewhat useful. Most of all, these gifts are also cheap in price. Prince Phillip got a peppermill with a light on it one year. The Queen’s husband also got hand-made fishing flies from Kate Middleton for a Christmas gift.

Kate also gave her husband Prince William a beanie for Christmas one year. She is also known to hand out homemade strawberry and plum preserves for Christmas to a few chosen family members.

While Kate Middleton is known to give out thoughtful gifts, she did show that she has a sense of humor with the gift she gave Prince Harry one year. Right before Harry met Meghan Markle, Kate gave him a “grow-your-own-girlfriend” kit.

Prince William even received a Winnie the Pooh-themed set of china for Christmas one year, according to People Magazine. The royal family seems to have a sense of humor.

It looks like Meghan Markle has a jump on this tradition. She’s not left out on the gag gifts like her late-mother-in-law was during her first holiday as a royal. Although not officially part of the royal family for last year’s Christmas festivities, she got a gag gift for the Queen.

Meghan gifted a singing hamster to Queen Elizabeth. This caused a burst of laughter from the Queen when she opened Meghan’s present.

So what did Princess Diana give her new relatives for her first Christmas as royalty? Diana didn’t know about the gag-gifts the royal family exchanged so she purchased cashmere sweaters for the bunch. They were beautiful, but the sweaters were way out of the realm of a gag gift. When all is said and done, it’s the thought that counts.

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