Princess Maria-Olympia Of Greece, Prince Charles' Goddaughter, Torn To Shreds Over X-Rated Instagram Post

A goddaughter of Prince Charles, Princess Maria-Olympia of Denmark and Greece, crossed a line in a recent Instagram post.

Greece and Denmark’s Princess Maria-Olympia has been known to post a controversial photo or two on her Instagram page, but a recent picture was deemed by many to have crossed a line. The 21-year-old, a goddaughter of Prince Charles’, deleted the photo after she encountered a fair amount of backlash.

The Mirror teases that Princess Maria-Olympia posted, then deleted, an X-rated photo recently on her Instagram that almost instantly generated a firestorm of backlash. While the picture in question wouldn’t necessarily cause a lot of drama for most people posting on social media, it seems that because she is a royal, it was perceived to be highly inappropriate.

The picture in question showed the princess wearing a leopardskin-print dress and dark sunglasses, looking saucy and holding up her middle finger to the camera. Reports indicate that media outlets throughout Greece quickly tore into the young royal and before long, she had deleted the post in question.

Princess Maria-Olympia is the daughter of Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal. Pavlos is the Prince of Denmark and the Crown Prince of Greece, and Maria-Olympia was born in the United States and raised primarily in London. While she is a member of the Greek royals, she is also a model and socialite who is known for being fairly feisty.

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In addition, at one time, Princess Maria-Olympia was rumored to be dating Prince Harry, who recently wed Meghan Markle. The connection between the Greek royals and Prince Charles is that Maria-Olympia’s grandfather is Charles’ second cousin.

After posting the shot where she was flipping the bird, numerous Greeks said that she was embarrassing her grandfather and that she needed to behave properly as a royal whether she liked it or not. This deleted post is hardly the first or only somewhat controversial one the princess has posted, and it seems that she usually posts what she wants and ignores any outrage.

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The princess has posted an occasional bikini selfie on Instagram, and she hasn’t hesitated to post other sultry shots from time to time. Princess Maria-Olympia currently attends New York’s Parsons School of Art and Design and she has modeled for outlets like W, Hello!, Tatler, and Teen Vogue. The Greek royal has also walked the runway representing Dolce and Gabbana.

There is no doubt that if someone like Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle had posted a similar selfie, it would have created a major firestorm of criticism. From the looks of things, Prince Charles’ goddaughter Prince Maria-Olympia is struggling a bit to balance being a royal alongside being a young model and socialite. While it seems unlikely that she’ll shift to being entirely prim and proper on social media, the deletion of this recent post shows that she is taking her royal duties into consideration, at least to an extent.

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