‘Real Housewives’ star: Size 6 is ‘over the limit’ in Dallas

“The Real Housewives of Dallas” star D’Andra Simmons says there’s “huge pressure” to be thin in Texas.

“I call it the little L.A.!” she recently told Page Six of Dallas.

“All the women have to be glamorous and thin and basically look like they’re stepping out of a photo shoot every time they leave their house,” she explained. “My mother has perfected the smokey eye at 8 a.m.! So she’s never been overweight a day in her life. She’s just this gorgeous, I mean statuesque woman and she always has been. And to keep up with all the beautiful women and what you’re supposed to be — you’re supposed to be glamorous. You’re supposed to be classy. You’re supposed to be thin. A size 2 would be preferable. I’m a size 6 so I’m a little bit over the limit!”

Simmons, 49, previously opened up about struggling with her weight on a podcast and came under fire for her claims that everyone she knew was skinny because they abused Adderall.

Her co-star Brandi Redmond took offense at her claims, but Simmons told us they have since made up and resolved their issues.

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