Rebel Wilson Gets Skinny-Shamed Over ‘Vogue’ Weight Loss, Accused Of Photoshop Makeover

The plus-sized star of ‘Pitch Perfect’ denies she was photoshopped to look thinner for ‘Vogue’ cover.

Rebel Wilson denied speculation that her recent cover for Australian Vogue was the result of photoshopped weight loss, or that she followed a drastic diet and workout regimen in a desperate bid to slim down.

The controversy erupted earlier this week when Wilson proudly shared her Vogue cover on Twitter and Instagram. In the photo, the plus-sized Rebel looks elegant and slimmer than ever in a flowing black ballgown and a long, camel-colored trenchcoat.

“I never would’ve thought this element would be added to my life: Vogue Covergirl,” Wilson tweeted. “This was such an amazing experience, thank you Vogue Australia and to all the designers and stylists who worked on this shoot!”

Internet haters immediately pounced, accusing Wilson of starving herself to get thin for her Vogue cover and slamming the magazine for photoshopping the Australian actress to look thinner.

Recent Weight Loss Due To Diet And Exercise

In response, Wilson posted a side-by-side comparison of an unedited picture from the photoshoot alongside an image that was actually published in the magazine. They look identical.

“Please don’t carry on that these shots are heavily photoshopped because they’re not!” Rebel tweeted.

If Wilson looks thinner, it’s because she has lost some weight recently due to diet and exercise. Wilson previously told the Telegraph that she suffers from a hormone balance that causes her to gain weight.

One fan accused Vogue of digitally altering Wilson to look thinner. “They altered the photo,” the woman tweeted. “Look at her face and hands. Slimmed down. Why can’t they just show her in her natural beauty.”

Wilson responded, “Nope, not slimmed down! I just ate healthy and exercised for the month before the shoot x but then immediately after ate brownies!”

It’s absurd that online trolls are slamming a fashion magazine for using Photoshop when all magazines do that, even to super-skinny supermodels with perfect bikini bodies.

It’s also odd that “fans” are shaming Rebel for losing weight and trying to get healthy. While Rebel Wilson has been hailed for embracing her plus-sized curves in an industry obsessed with size-zero supermodels, she should also be celebrated when she tries to get healthy through diet and exercise.

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