‘RHOA’s Porsha Williams Flaunts Curvy Bikini Body: Is She Still On Vegan Diet?

The reality TV star went vegan in January but has apparently started eating meat again.

Porsha Williams, star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, showed off her voluptuous bikini body on Instagram to the delight of her 3.4 million followers.

Williams, 37, started following a vegan diet in January 2018, saying she wanted to improve her health.

The 5-foot-7 Williams, who tipped the scales at 175 pounds, also revealed that weight loss was one of her fitness goals.

‘It’s All About Being Thick And Fine’

“These days it’s all about being thick and fine and body positivity,” Porsha wrote on Instagram. “I’m down for all of that, but what about the inside will I be ‘fine’ after 50?…My goal is simply that I’ll have a better quality of life for a long time to come.”

Williams stuck to her vegan diet for a while, but lapsed when the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast traveled to Barcelona, Spain, this past season.

A recent Instagram photo showed a meaty feast Porsha offered at a recent party (photo below), suggesting she may have slipped off the vegan-diet bandwagon.

Proud Of Her Curves

It’s unclear if Williams is still vegan or if she has lost any weight, but she’s still proud of her curves, as evidenced by her recent bikini photos.

Porsha, who was thinner in previous seasons of RHOA, admits that she has filled out over the years. Part of it was due to weight gain and the other part was due to breast augmentation.

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While her weight fluctuates, Porsha remains a fitness buff who exercises regularly and frequently posts Instagram videos from her rigorous workout sessions.

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Williams’ workouts typically include cardio exercise on the treadmill or elliptical trainer, as well as weightlifting and strength-training.

Porsha also does lots of squats and lunges to tone her glutes and thighs.

A mouth-watering variety of delicious foods, including non-vegan meaty, cheesy delights, were the centerpiece of Williams’ surprise birthday party in June.

????Surprise Birthday Brunch! Thank you baby #DM❤️ chef: @_chefboska

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Porsha has denied rampant speculation that she got butt implants and other plastic surgery to enhance her backside in an interview with Bravo TV executive Andy Cohen.

“This is real Georgia meat right here,” Williams told Bravo TV’s The Daily Dish. Porsha then twerked, as if to underscore that her jiggly glutes are authentic.

Meanwhile, several of Porsha’s Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mates have been open about their plastic surgeries. NeNe Leakes, for example, has admitted getting a nose job and breast implants.

NeNe also work outs regularly to maintain her fit bikini body at age 50, as the Inquisitr has reported.

Similarly, Cynthia Bailey said she has breast implants and got liposuction. And Kandi Burruss has admitted getting liposuction to slim down her midsection and admitted getting breast augmentation recently.

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