‘RHOC’s Vicki Gunvalson Dragged By Fans After Using Luke Perry’s Death To Promote Her Business: ‘Distasteful’

Vicki Gunvalson used Luke Perry as a role model to urge people to secure ‘life insurance,’ and horrified fans accused her of promoting her insurance company.

Vicki Gunvalson‘s advice was a tad too practical for her Facebook followers. The Real Housewives of Orange County star posted an article about Luke Perry’s death on March 12, but her caption wasn’t your normal tribute to the Beverly Hills, 90210 star, who passed away on March 4. “I know most of you have heard about the unfortunate passing of Luke Perry at the young age of 52,” Vicki, 56, began in her Facebook post, but then discussed the money matters surrounding death. Vicki is the founder of Coto Insurance and Financial Services, for some context.

“Luke was responsible in his estate planning and because of that he relieved his family of a lot of the burdens that would happen if he didn’t have it in place the way he did,” she continued to write. “It makes you realize how important Planning is and how NOT to procrastinate taking care of a trust, health directives and securing life insurance for those you leave behind. So sad.”

Given Vicki’s profession and the freshness of Luke’s death, many fans thought it was too much, too soon. “Have some class. You can advertise your company all you want but don’t use someone’s death to do it,” one Facebook user wrote, while another added, “Are you really that desperate for new clients? 🤦‍♀️ So distasteful.” A third fan even took her comment to a personal level, writing, “How would you like it if somebody posted this when your Mom died Vicki? Like that’s what’s important when family is grieving over the loss of a loved one. Besides, whether he was prepared financially or not is none of anybody’s business to be putting on social media or to be using to promote your own business. Sick, Vicki….money hungry and heartless. Get yourself together, seriously. May Luke Perry rest peacefully and his family find strength during this time of great loss.” Vicki had been in the middle of filming for RHOC when she learned her mother had passed away in 2015.

However, some fans actually appreciated the reality show star’s advice — and they had dealt with deaths themselves. “Never once in her comments did she try to sell herself or as an agent or her company. She shared the importance of protecting yourself on behalf of your family, in case of death,” one fan argued. 

Vicki’s counsel about being financially prepared, no matter what, comes after Luke blindsided family, friends and fans by unexpectedly dying from an “ischemic cerebrovascular accident,” according to the actor’s death certificate from the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health that HollywoodLife obtained. The medical term refers to the type of stroke Luke suffered on Feb. 27. “Most of the time, people pass away after a stroke because the stoke causes the brain to swell up and then it presses on the brain stem and that affects the ability to breathe and so the patient passes away,” Dr. William Chow, a neurologist at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, EXCLUSIVELY explained to HollywoodLife.

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