Rihanna Confirms She’s Working On New Music & Fans Can’t Handle It – See Tweets

Rihanna just made everyone’s Friday even more amazing by confirming she’s back in the studio working on new music. We’ve got fans’ reactions as they’re losing it over the great news.

Rihanna has been busy with her acting as well as her fashion and makeup lines over the past few years and put a pause on her music career. That’s all about to change as she announced she’s back in the studio working on new music and fans are going wild over the news. The 30-year-old made the big reveal while appearing with the rest of her Ocean’s 8 cast on Britain’s The Graham Norton Show on June 15. The host then prodded even further, asking if it would be out before Christmas of 2018 and she jokingly asked what fan paid him to ask her that and cryptically said we would have to “wait and see.”

Aw man, what a tease! RiRi hasn’t dropped an album since the Jan. 2016 release of Anti. Fans have been patiently waiting for her to resume her music career while she expanded into other wildly successful creative ventures including Fenty Beauty and her lingerie line Savage. She’s such a savvy businesswoman that after taping Graham’s show, she headed to an appearance at a pop up store in London for her Savage collection. So she’s promoting a movie, selling sexy bras and undies AND is in the studio making new music. How does she do it all?

The amazing news that new Rihanna music is coming happened to fall on the same day that her music video for “Work” featuring ex Drake, 31, surpassed the one billion views mark on YouTube. While that’s a huge achievement for any artist, it’s her fourth video to hit that number. Fans went wild with the news that she’s finally going to deliver new music, taking to twitter to rejoice.

“Rihanna being in the studio and making new musc is the best thing I’m going to hear all day,” one fan wrote and another agreed, adding, “Rihanna is in the studio working on new music. Today is a good day.” Another said “On the Graham Norton show Rihanna said she’s working on new music IM SCREECHINGGG.” One fan was so excited they tweeted “RIHANNA IS IN THE STUDIO!!! I REPEAT IS IN THE STUDIO RECORDING NEW MUSIC” in all caps. Yeah, this news is worthy of that level of joy.

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