Rihanna Is Suing Her Father for Using Fenty Brand Name

Rihanna is suing her father, Ronald Fenty.

The 30-year-old Anti pop superstar filed a lawsuit against her father for using her Fenty brand and his relationship to her to launch a business for himself, according to TMZ.

Rihanna claims that her father opened a talent development company called Fenty Entertainment in 2017, but she already trademarked “Fenty” for multiple business ventures including Fenty Beauty.

She also alleges that her father falsely advertised as her reps to solicit “millions of dollars,” and tried to book her for fifteen shows in Latin America for $15 million – all without her authorization.

She claims that she’s sent multiple cease and desist letters, but he’s ignored it and continued to make a profit from Fenty Entertainment. Therefore, she’s asking for a judge to place an injunction on her dad using the name, as well as damages.

For more about the case, head to TMZ.com.

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