Riley Curry Turns 6 — See How Steph & Ayesha’s Daughter Has Grown Over 6 Sassy Years

Happy birthday, Riley! This little one has been cracking us up at her dad’s basketball games and on her mom’s Instagram for years — but she’s not so little anymore. Check out her sweetest pics here!

When it comes to celebrity babies, there’s no one quite like Riley Curry. That’s why we’re SO excited to celebrate her sixth birthday! Because even though she has changed so much over the years, one thing has remained constant about Stephen and Ayesha Curry‘s daughter — she’s the sassiest little girl around! She first stole the spotlight when she wanted to sit on her Dad’s lap during a press conference, then stole our hearts when she sang Big Sean‘s “Blessings” at a different conference. She’s got personality and she’s not afraid to use it!

That was way back when Riley was just a wee little two-year-old and her personality is even bigger — even though she’s had to get used to sharing the spotlight. That’s because she’s a big sister now! Ryan Curry was born in 2015, followed by Canon in July, and the three of them look so sweet together. Clearly it’s been a big year for Riley and her family. Not only did she get to welcome her first baby bro to the world, but she was able to dance on a parade float to celebrate Stephen’s team won the NBA finals.

Last year, Riley received the princess treatment on her fifth birthday, so we can’t help but wonder what’s in store this time around. Topping a unicorn bounce-house, a tea party, magical drinks and a tiara will be a challenge — but if her dad can be a three-time NBA champion, we think he can manage an awesome party for his eldest daughter, right?

One look at the gallery above is all it takes to see how sweet Riley is, and she deserves an even sweeter birthday! We hope she has the best day ever!

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