Rise Of Grunge Music Made Sammy Hagar Nervous

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar has admitted that the rise of grunge music made him “nervous.”

“In the ’90s, when grunge came along, that was freaky. Because I’m looking at these guys… And we were sort of the glam rock — we were all dressed up and dressing like girls and stuff,” Hagar said during an interview on SiriusXM’s “The Jenny McCarthy Show.”

He added, “But then, when grunge came, they were down and dirty and funky. And they made me nervous,”

Hagar said he was so insecure about grunge taking over that he invited Alice In Chains to open for Van Halen.

The red rocker noted that the tour was a success and he has been friends with Alice In Chains frontman Jerry Cantrell since then.

“But that’s how insecure I was. I said, ‘Let’s get ’em on the damn show. That way their fans will know that we’re cool.’… I came out of fear — not bad fear, but nervousness. And they did really good, and business was good. And I made a friend out of it,” Hagar said.

On May 10, Hagar is set to release a new album, Space Between, with his band The Circle.

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