Ritzy event tells James Dolan he can’t perform song about Weinstein allegations

MSG and Knicks boss Jim Dolan was all set to perform his new song about Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment at the starry Apollo in the Hamptons event with his band on Saturday – but he pulled out after he was ordered not to sing that song for the crowd of one percenters.

Dolan and his band, JD and the Straight Shots, had been scheduled to perform at the event for the famed Apollo Theater, known as the Hamptons party of the summer, alongside huge acts including Chaka Kahn, Sting, Jon Bon Jovi and Chris Martin last Saturday at billionaire Ron Perelman’s East Hampton estate. But a source said Dolan was dismayed when Apollo event organizers called him and warned him not to sing “I should have known.”

A spokeswoman for Dolan confirmed the song snafu, saying in a statement to Page Six, “Jim was looking forward to performing “I should’ve known’ with his band, JD and the Straight Shot. Unfortunately, the Apollo leadership deemed it too controversial and asked him to perform one of his other songs. This is something that Jim was not comfortable doing.”

The song’s lyrics lament, “I should have thrown myself across his tracks/stopped him from these vile attacks.” Dolan has said the song is not just about Weinstein, but speaks to the “abuse by men in power”.

He recently explained to Fox Five, “I’ve actually talked to a lot of my other friends who obviously know all these folks right — I wonder what could I have done, what did I miss?… Because if you were friends with any of those people, a lot of them were people we never would have thought that about.”

Dolan is a longtime friend of Weinstein, who is facing rape and sexual assault charges in New York. Dolan and Weinstein worked together on the Radio City Spring Spectacular and the MSG chief also served on the board of the Weinstein company but left after a year in 2016.

While Dolan got a mixed reception for the new song from his band’s forthcoming album in the press, the first source added, “They asked him to perform a different song instead. He was shocked that the Apollo would tell an artist how and what to perform. Not many other men are singing about this.”

The source pointed out this felt deeply ironic since the Harlem venue was famed for giving new innovative artists a voice – plus Dolan even sits on the board of the iconic theater.

“I think the Apollo was worried about getting bad press for the event if JD performed the song,” the source added, “Plus, there’s always many powerful men at Perelman’s house, and perhaps they feared someone might be offended. Jim and his band didn’t appreciate being censored so they pulled out and didn’t go.” Guests in previous years (but not this year) have included Weinstein, Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose who have all faced numerous allegations of misconduct.

Notable guests who did party late into the night on Saturday at Perelman’s bash included Robert Downey Jr., Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvoven, Zach Braff, Jimmy and Jane Buffett, Molly Simms and Scott Stuber, Robert Smith, Don Johnson and Charles Philips.

The event was co-chaired by Perelman, Jon Bon Jovi – who performed along with Jamie Foxx, The Roots, and Pharell Williams – Dick Parsons and Patriots owner Robert Kraft. The annual bash raises money for the famous Harlem theater and its educational programs – and has so far raised more than $20 million.

A source with direct knowledge of the conversations said, “Apollo in the Hamptons is a celebration of the rich history, music and culture that the iconic Apollo theater represents and raises millions of dollars to support the theater, its artistic work and educational programs. While we appreciate Jim and his band’s sincere emotional connection to the song, the producers determined it was not the right fit for show.”

Reps for Perelman – who is also a longtime friend of Dolan – and the Apollo didn’t immediately comment.

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