Rob Kardashian ‘Mad’ At Blac Chyna Over Dream Drama & Hawaii — But The Momma Is Fightin

Things are not looking up for Blac Chyna!

The former reality TV starlet reportedly ghosted on her momming duties when Rob Kardashian tried to drop daughter Dream off for the weekend — but wasn’t able to get a hold of her! As it turned out, the momma of two was in Hawaii with her rumored new (and now former?) beau Kid Buu.

On Monday, it was said the pair got into a violent fight in their hotel room, with the rapper allegedly slamming her against the wall and choking her after she scratched him.

But it seems like Chyna being involved in yet another altercation isn’t what has Rob so mad.

A source told People that this Kardashian, who shares joint custody, is unhappy with his baby momma for not giving him more time with their daughter since Chyna wasn’t even going to be in town!

“Chyna planned on having Dream stay with a nanny in L.A. while she was in Hawaii. Rob is mad because if either parent is out of town, the other parent is supposed to have the option to keep Dream longer. Rob doesn’t want Dream to stay alone with a nanny while Chyna parties in Hawaii. This is what he is mad about. She needs to tell him when she won’t be in L.A. so Rob can keep Dream longer. Rob is getting his lawyer involved.”

The insider continued:

“This situation’s not in Dream’s best interest.”

Yikes! As the former couple are battling it out over custody of the little one, it certainly doesn’t seem like this was in the 30-year-old’s best interest either…

On top of that, another insider dished about how “inappropriate” she and her group of friends, including Kid Buu, were being during their stay at the Ritz Carlton residencies in Honolulu:

“They were definitely being inappropriate in several ways. The girls were showing nipples, they were twerking and just being obnoxious. Hotel management had complaints, because there were families with kids that didn’t like the way they behaved. You would never think Chyna is a mom by the way she behaved.”

Twerking has nothing to do with her ability to be an amazing mom, though both she and Rob are under a microscope when it comes to their parenting duties as they each fight for custody of Dream.

If you ask Chyna though, she’ll say her ex’s anger is really just his jealousy over her vacay with the rapper, according to TMZ.

Their sources bash the claim Kardashian tried reaching out to the momma like they said, and insists he could have left Dream with one of Chyna’s employees, which isn’t a first.

Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time the former dancer wasn’t home the entire time it was her turn to have custody for Dream, and that it’s not required in their agreement, either.

What do U think of all the drama??

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