Rob Kardashian Slams Rumor He’s Seeing Alexis Skyy To Get Back At Blac Chyna: ‘Stop With That’

Just days after Blac Chyna got in a fight with Alexis Skyy, Rob Kardashian was having dinner with her. Fans think he’s being petty, but he’s revealed the truth behind their seemingly sudden relationship.

Rob Kardashian is setting the record straight on his relationship with Alexis Skyy! When he first took to Snapchat to call her his ‘WCW every day’ on Jan. 14, fans thought it was a dig at his ex, Blac Chyna, who got into a spat with Alexis over the weekend. Then, when Rob documented his dinner with Alexis later in the day, it was speculated that he was taking his pettiness to a whole new level. However, he wants to make it clear that that’s NOT the case. “Me and Alexis known each other for 5 years so stop with that,” he tweeted to a fan who told him to “grow tf up.”

He did not expand on the status of his relationship with Alexis and whether or not they’re an actual item, but if they have been hanging out, maybe that’s what set Blac off in the club on Jan. 12!? Alexis was the one who revealed details of the altercation on Instagram. She claimed Chyna asked her to come to her section for some drinks, but after they spent some time together, things got messy. Alexis accused Blac of throwing a drink at her, and said things escalated from there when the ladies “started swinging.”

Alexis claimed she had no idea what set Chyna off in the club, but it definitely put a bad taste in her mouth! “Come ya punk a*** outside!!!!” she wrote. “B*** u tried the right b****but ran!!! I promise u I’m not leaving this b**** until [ur] punk crack head a*** come outside!! I’m not leaving LA until u see me!!!! I don’t have s*** else to say.”

It’s unclear if Alexis and Blac ever squashed their beef, but it certainly must have been a good topic for discussion or the Love & Hip-Hop star to have with Rob when they hung out two days later! Rob has his own issues with Blac — the two were engaged and welcomed a daughter, Dream, together in 2016, but split just weeks later. Since then, they’ve been embroiled in a legal battle, and it’s been reported that there is no communication between them whatsoever. Instead, a mediator is used for co-parenting purposes.

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