Robbie Williams divides fans with THIS and wife Ayda Field isn’t happy

Robbie Williams is renowned for entertaining his fans and he didn’t disappoint when he gave them an insight into his new look.

The 44-year-old singer, who is married to Ayda Field, features in some of his wife’s Instagram clips debuting some new face ‘furniture’.

After growing a bead over the last few week, Robbie decided to change his look, and his wife caught him in the middle of his re-styling.

Ayda asks, ‘So are you shaving off the beard, is that what’s happening?’ as Robbie takes his electric razor. He replies, ‘Yeah’.

But keen to know more about the hair removing task ahead, Ayda asks, ‘What the whole thing?’

Robbie explains, ‘I want to see a tash, just down here and down here,’ but Ayda swiftly protests, ‘NO, NO. NO!’

‘Just to see it’ Robbie interjects, adding, ‘doesn’t mean I’m going to keep it. but you know…I’ve seen Westerns [films]’

She couldn’t wait to share with her fans the process with her fans, she captioned it, “@robbiewilliams is currently experimenting….not sure how this is going to go ?#livefromthewilliamshousehold#beardsofinstagram #hairjourney ?AWxx”

Ayda uploaded a pic of the finished moustache, and captioned it ‘No….just, no’ #midlifecrisis AWxx’

@robbiewilliams 'No….just, no' #midlifecrisis AWxx

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But it’s not only his wife who isn’t keen on his new – Hulk Hogan style – look.

Fans were quick to tell him what they thought. One wrote, ‘He looks like a pornstar of the 70’s haha but we love him,’ another said, ‘The village people called…they seem to be missing someone!’ but another added, ‘Oh my… Am I weird when I think it looks kinda good.’ But another begged, ‘Oh God please shave it off.’

We must admit, Robbie looked like he was taking style inspiration from his former Take That bandmate Gary Barlow with his full on beard but now he likes his trimmed back look, we wonder if it will ever be Back For Good?

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