Robert De Niro fails to stay incognito at divorce hearing

Actor Robert De Niro attempted to keep his divorce and custody battle on the down-low Tuesday — trying in vain to sneak into the courtroom unnoticed and then quieting his lawyers as they negotiated details of the split.

The “Raging Bull” put a newspaper over his face and pulled a dark cap down to his brows as he walked the hallways of Manhattan Supreme Court — but word of his presence quickly spread, and curious lawyers and court staffers stuck their heads into the courtroom to catch a glimpse.

Throughout the nearly three-hour appearance, the two-time Oscar winner and his estranged wife of nearly 20 years, Grace Hightower, sat at opposite ends of the courtroom as their lawyers alternately spoke with the judge and their clients in private.

The two studiously avoided one another — De Niro, 75, read his newspaper while Hightower, 63, skimmed a book and her phone.

De Niro — who previously tried to keep their divorce filing quiet by securing an “Anonymous v. Anonymous” caption on the case — remained adamant about keeping details of the negotiations hush-hush, at one point shushing his lawyers as they hashed out custody arrangements for the couple’s 7-year-old daughter in the courtroom gallery.

Justice Matthew Cooper said at the end of the appearance that the former couple had made “some progress on some difficult issues” but will still have to resolve “particulars” of a settlement and exchange statements of net worth.

They are due back in court on Feb. 7.

As De Niro was leaving the court, he griped about press coverage of the divorce, telling a Post photographer, “You’re an old man, you should know better.”

He then told a reporter, “You’re not smart doing your job like this.”

De Niro declined to comment on the divorce battle, as did an attorney for Hightower.

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