The Rock Surprises Superfan Who Asked Him To Her Prom At School — Watch Heartwarming Video

Just try to watch this video without smiling. The Rock surprised one of his biggest fans after she asked him out to prom by taking over the morning announcements at her high school!

“All right, let’s start this Friday morning announcement off with a little bit of fun and a little bit of excitement,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 45, can be heard saying in the video he uploaded to his Instagram account on April 20. The former WWE champion and star of Rampage decided to commandeer the mic at the Stillwater Area High School in Minnesota, all because of “the very special young lady who asked me to her prom, the awesome Ms. Katie Kelzenberg,” Dwayne says in the video’s caption. Katie’s reaction when she realizes who’s delivering the announcement is everything, especially when she hears The Rock say her name.

Sadly, The Rock “can’t make her prom because I’ll be in production, but as a surprise gift I bought out her local theater this weekend so she can bring 232 of her BFF’s to watch a special screening of RAMPAGE,” he said. “I’m a lucky, lucky man to have such amazing fans like Katie, and moments like this will always be the best and coolest part of my job. Her reaction is everything when she hears me say her name! #KatieKelzenbergCrushingLIFE #StillwaterHighSchool #AndUnlikeMe #KatieDoesntCheatOnHerTests”

Seriously, watching Katie try to keep it together is priceless and will give anyone a smile. Plus, does this just prove that The Rock is the coolest dude on the planet? He could have just delivered a personal message on Instagram, but to record a morning announcement and treat Katie — and two hundred of her friends – to a free movie? The thing is, this isn’t the first (or the last) time that The Rock has gone above and beyond for a fan.

One of many examples happened back in 2017. After working a 16-hour day, The Rock took some extra time out of his schedule to make a fan’s night.  “My security says “there’s a guy up there by railroad tracks who’s been waiting for the past 3 nights about 8hrs a night,” he said, per Men’s Health. Finally, Dwayne meets the man, face-to-face (to face, as the fan had a huge cutout of The Rock’s head.) After trolling the fan for a little bit – in a way that’s still utterly charming – The Rock signs the fan’s sign. “I’m a grateful and lucky SOB to have the greatest fans in the world,” he said. Well, after watching the video of his announcement for Ms. Kelzenberg, The Rock has certainly earns those fans’ devotion.

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