Roma Downey Reveals Bruised Hand After Tom Arnold Allegedly ‘Ambushed’ Husband Mark Burnett

From ‘Touched By An Angel’ to bruised by an actor! Roma Downey tweeted a photo of her injured hand that she claims Tom Arnold caused during a scuffle with her husband, Mark Burnett. See the shocking pic!

Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett‘s fight at the Evening Before the Emmys party on September 16 allegedly had a third victim — Mark’s wife of 11 years, actress Roma Downey! Roma tweeted out a photo following the encounter, during which Tom claims Mark “choked” him, showing a massive bruise on her hand. She tweeted alongside it, “Got this bruise tonight when Tom Arnold tried to ambush my husband Mark and me at a charity event. Is your TV show worth it Tom? Please stop”. Whoa! You can see the pic of Roma’s bruised hand below.

Tom’s account of what went down during the fight is different. He claimed on Twitter that Mark “went apesh*t” choked him, then “ran away with his torn pink shirt & missing gold chain.” He said that he was calling the cops. After seeing Roma’s tweet, Tom also said that he was filing a police report and suing her for defamation. However, the  LAPD told HollywoodLife on September 17 that there was no report filed “of an incident related to Tom Arnold.”

Mark and Tom have been feuding for months now, and it all apparently came to a head at the pre-Emmys bash. Tom claims that Mark, the producer of The Apprentice, has tapes in his possession of now-president Donald Trump allegedly using the n-word and making other bigoted comments on the set of the reality show, but won’t release them. Tom is documenting his attempt to track down the alleged tapes in his new show, aptly titled The Hunt For The Trump Tapes, which premieres on September 18.

An eyewitness told our sister site, Variety, that Tom allegedly confronted Mark at the pre-Emmys party about the tapes, and not the other way around. The fight was reportedly broken up quickly. Mark and Tom have been feuding for months, and it seems that it came to a head at the party. No word on how Roma got caught in the middle of this.

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