Roseanne Barr’s ‘Outrageous’ Demands & ‘Demeaning’ Phone Calls Revealed By ‘Us Weekly’ [Opinion]

She would reportedly call staff members late at night and cuss them endlessly.

Roseanne Barr’s history has been a checkered one. Now, with the cancellation of her eponymous show thanks to her tweet, past demons are coming back to haunt her.

When Barr made the racist comment against Barack Obama former aide, Valerie Jarrett, on Twitter, little did she know that it would become the reason for ABC calling it quits on the renewed run of her hit show, Roseanne. But that’s exactly what happened, and Barr was left with almost nothing to defend her conduct. Even so, many who admired her unapologetic political opinion were willing to defend her explicitly racist tweet, but a large chunk of people — many of them big fans of Roseanne’s show — could not keep accommodating her views.

One of the reasons that many of her fans believed it was right for ABC to cancel her show was that the tweet was not seen as an aberration. If anything, it fit perfectly within the realms of Roseanne’s behavior, which, going by most accounts, appears entitled, narcissistic and demeaning towards people. The only difference now is that fans are finally seeing what crews and backroom staff have been dealing with for ages when working with Barr.

One of those instances has now been revealed by Us Weekly. According to an exclusive report, Roseanne was a “living nightmare” for the staff of the Roseanne Show, the ill-fated talk show that never really took off.

Back in 1997, Michael and Roger King, of King Productions, were hoping to grow their already flourishing TV empire. They planned to recruit Roseanne Barr, who was fresh from the finale of the first run of Roseanne, for a talk show called the Roseanne Show. A source told Us Weekly that despite Barr making “outrageous” demands from the brothers, they let it slide in the hopes that the show would work — something they regretted later.

“As part of her contract, Roseanne demanded that the King brothers buy her a house in Lake Arrowhead, on top of her $5 million yearly salary. The brothers thought this was outrageous, but wanted to keep Roseanne happy, so they agreed.”

When the first negative reviews started coming in, Barr lost her cool and blamed everyone on the staff for the failure of her show, except herself. She would call staff members late at night and insult them with cuss words, would cancel interviews, and demean her crew consistently for failing to get her positive press.

“It wouldn’t be unusual for Roseanne to call one department, swearing about the crew and lack of support from the King brothers, and demeaning the work that was trying to be done to give her positive press.

“[Late at night] she would tell us the infomercial she was watching was better than her show and that we were ruining her life,” he added.

Not unsurprisingly, the The Roseanne Show came to a whimpering end in 2000, sparing Barr’s crew the embarrassment.

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