Royal Baby Name: A Giant EFF YOU to Great Britain?

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

The stunning Royal Baby name announced this week by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has led to a number of enjoyable memes and quips.

To wit: Will the second kid be named Jughead?!?

But this unexpected selection has also led to a few serious questions about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their intentions with the moniker, most notably among them:

Was this just an enormous F-CK YOU to all of Great Britain?

For whatever it’s worth, Archie was not among the bookmakers’ favorites, as Alexander, Arthur and Albert were the first names on which most gamblers placed their money over the final few days.

Archie, which translates to “genuine”, “bold” or “brave” has no real known Royal Connotations.

Harrison, meanwhile, is clearly based on the Prince’s first name — but it’s a brand new one for the Royal Family, which has spanned multiple centuries.

Might Markle and Prince Harry just have been feeling a tad adventurous?

Might they have wanted to harmessly buck tradition and start their child off on somewhat of a fresh foot, given all the pressure he’ll be facing over the next several decades?

Sure, absolutely.

But there’s also a reason to believe that Markle and Harry went out of their way to stick it to the latter’s home country a bit here.

Why? Just consider the non-stop wave of criticism that has been leveled at Meghan ever since she got into Harry’s britches.

There has been an endless array of articles written about Markle and her supposedly demanding ways, with each Royal Employee Resignation treated as if the former actress is more selfish and entitled than Teresa Giudice.

There was even speculation that Kate Middleton doesn’t like her fellow Duchess because Markle is too American, whatever the heck that means.

So would it really come as a surprise if Harry and his polarizing wife purposely chose a name that is more closely associated with American than England for their firstborn?

It would be a nice and subtle jab at all those British critics, none of whom can really come out and attack an innocent, defenseless child over his first name…

… yet all of whom were receive the message loud and clear.

Markle and Harry may be so fed up with life in Great Britain that they’re considering a move to Africa.

They’ve already moved to someplace called Frogmore Cottage in order to distance themselves from the chaos of life in London, yet they may soon relocate to an entirely different continent.

Such is their apparent contempt for the reception they’ve received as a couple at home.

Heck, even the debut of little Archie was met with vitriol by some in the media.

Do these journalists know no shame?!?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Royal Baby Photos are HERE!

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We don’t know the actual answer to the question posed in this headline, but it seems worth posing it to our readers.

What do YOU think of the name Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor?

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