The Royal Clothing Budget Is Reportedly Up $2 Million Since Meghan Markle Joined the Family

What did you do over the weekend? Don’t answer just yet, because someone’s already put it to shame.

Allow us to share a snapshot of Meghan Markle’s casual weekend itinerary: First, she stepped out in a flowy dress out of Julia Roberts’s Pretty Woman playbook; then she watched her handsome husband Harry play polo; finally, she made time to hang out with her BFF Serena Williams, who happens to be one of the greatest tennis champions who ever lived.

Enviable, right? Maybe on the surface, but next time you gaze adoringly on the royal family’s elaborate lifestyle, take a closer look at the Buckingham Palace-sized price tag that comes along with it.

Being an IRL royal does not come cheap, as Meghan Markle is likely learning. Royals are strictly prohibited from accepting items like clothing for free, so before she married Prince Harry at the royal wedding, she had to shell out almost $30,000 from her own pocket for her regal wardrobe, according to People.

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But now that she’s said “I do,” there’s a royal budget to take care of that for her … and it reportedly just increased by a whopping $2 million.

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According to a new report in The Telegraph, the royal budget allotted to Prince William, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle’s activities for the year has increased from $4.6 million to $6.5 million. That’s quite a bump for the mere addition of Markle to the party, but don’t get out your anti-Markle pitchforks over it just yet.

The Telegraph reports that the main cause of the increase actually has more to do with Queen Elizabeth, who has been cutting back on her royal duties and appearances as she ages into her mid-’90s.

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And just who is picking up the slack while Queen Elizabeth gets some R&R? None other than William, Harry, Kate, and now Meghan.

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That hefty $6.5 million they are given doesn’t include travel, which is funded by Queen Elizabeth directly out of a fund the taxpayer’s pay for, and palace sources have thus far refused to comment on Markle’s specific expenditures and how they’ve impacted the family budget.

So it’s safe to say while a monetary increase of $2 million is significant, it’s hard to explicitly blame Meghan for this one. Really if anything, it’s her pal Queen E’s fault. 

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